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In the effort to raise money for the Alumni Association and its efforts, we have put up a secure PayPal donation button on the right side of the website. You can see it just below the words Help the Alumni Association. If you click that button, you will be taken to our own secure PayPal page where you can make a donation to the Alumni Association with credit card, PayPal, or an e-check.

All donations to Tom Boelk or Marty Hoke (the current Alumni Association President) monthly. Everyone is free to request a copy of the donations made to the Alumni Association via this method. Email me: to receive a current statement, at any time.

Also, we will be featuring Alumni Donors on this website, much in the same manner that Lambda Chi Internationally recognizes donors. Keep an eye peeled to the right side navigation for the donors listing.

As always, we need and appreciate any support you can give Lambda Iota.

Jeff Reisdorfer

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  1. Jeff "Claude" Reisdorfer Says:

    Thanks to Jay Matusin for the first donation online donation!

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