Alumni Interview: Marty Hoke

Jeff Reisdorfer(Note from Jeff) Every month we are going to feature a new Alumni Interview on the site. If you would like to recommend one of our Brothers to be interviewed, email me at: and we will get them on the site. This month we feature Marty Hoke (LI-Z 522) who is the President of the UW-W Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni Association.

For Brothers who don’t know who you are, can you give us a brief background about yourself and what you do for a living?

I graduated from Whitewater in 1988 and was actively involved with Lambda Chi from 1984-1988. I am married and have three children-one girl and two boys. I work as the Corporate Treasurer for Uline Shipping Supplies in Waukegan, Ill, where I have worked since 2000.

Marty, you are the President of the Alumni Association. Now that Housing Corps and the Alumni Association are seperate entities, what roles do you see the Alumni Association taking?

The Alumni Association is charged with keeping alumni involved and active as we prepare for Lambda Chi to recolonize in Whitewater (hopefully, Fall 2008). Once Lambda Chi recolonizes, members of the Alumni Association will act as mentors to each elected officer of Lambda Iota-Zeta. The Alumni Association will also be informed of issues that could warrant disciplinary action against the chapter by the University and be given the chance to rectify the situation before disciplinary action is taken by the University.

What can Brothers who want to get involved with the Alumni Association do?

Money and volunteer support is desperately needed. We currently have no money to keep the fraternity house operational or to pay for general maintenance and upkeep.

Please send much needed contributions to: Tom Boelk at 432 W. Park Ave., Waukesha, WI 53186
or Martin Hoke at 559 12th Ave., Union Grove, WI 53182.

If you would also like to volunteer, ask a question, give advice, etc., you can email me:
or Mark Litscher:

Speaking with lots of our Brothers, I find that some Brothers feel isolated and left out of the information loop. What is being done so that they can get information about what is happening with Lambda Iota?

If brothers would like to come to the Alumni meetings, we welcome their input. No one has been intentionally left off our group mailings, if you have been, we apologize. You may email me, let me know what has happened, and I will be happy to add your name and email address to our current roster so you getting the same information as everyone else.

Have you enjoyed being President of the Alumni Association?

Yes. It is nice being involved in trying to keep Lambda Chi afloat, but trying to keep people involved, working with virtually no budget and dealing with what seems like an eternity of being suspended is a little frustrating at times.

What are your hopes for the future of the Alumni Association? Any goals or dreams?

I want the Alumni Association to become a permanent partner of the Active Chapter, much as House Corp. was and will continue to be. I also want to make sure the Active Chapter has enough positive guidance that we are never faced with seeing our Chapter suspended again, as this has been a very painful experience for many of our Brothers.

We are all looking forward to the recolonization of Lambda Iota in Whitewater. Is the Alumni Association involved in this process? If so, how?

The Alumni Association will be assisting Internationals in recruiting efforts and will be extremely active as mentors to the newly recruited and initiated members.

If someone asked you today, what is the one thing they could do to help provide for the future of Lambda Chi in Whitewater, what would you say it should be? Why?

Sorry to sound so shallow, but MONEY! We haven’t had a chapter in almost two years. The well is dry!

What is your best memory of being in Lambda Chi Alpha?

There are so many. Brotherhood, exchanges, road trips, Ritual, Homecoming and Founder’s Day are just a few things that bring back lifelong, positive memories.

Can you still recite the Greek alphabet?

Yes. I still recite it from time to time…

If someone is interested in becoming an Alumni Association Officer, how does that happen? Is it only a select few who are asked, or can anyone apply?

If someone out there is interested, let me know. We have four offices – President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Elections are held at our Official Annual Meeting every August.

Is there one person from when you were in school that you have lost contact with and would like to find?

I always wonder what Rick “The Guy” Kakouris has been up to. So, Rick, if you are out there, give me a shout.

If someone wants to get involved, who should they contact?

They can contact me:

Fuzzy and I would like to thank Marty for his service to Lambda Chi Alpha and for his interview. **Marty said he didn’t have a photo. If you have a photo of Marty from school or now, we would like to see it! Email it to me:

We ask that all of our Brothers who visit this site to donate to the Alumni Association for efforts to Recolonize Lambda Iota. Please give for the past and future of our Brotherhood in Whitewater.

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