Alumni Interview: Peter Jacquin

Pete Jacquin Mid-airAfter joining Facebook and creating the Lambda Chi Alpha : Wisconsin-Whitewater group, I re-connected with Brother Peter Jacquin. I remember Pete from our undergrad days, Pete was the charismatic Scholastics Chair. He and I have been corresponding through Facebook ever since. (This is my soft-sell for joining Facebook and our Chapter’s group). I interviewed Pete for the website and I am pleased to share it with you now!

What did you major in while you were at Whitewater?
Political science and Psychology

What are you doing now, professionally?
I am a skydiving instructor living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Thailand? Wow, what are you doing for fun, outside of working as a skydiving instructor?
Travelling around Thailand, taking courses in Thai language and massage.

I remember as an undergrad you had been a skydiving instructor, how many times have you jumped?
I’ve jumped out of plane 8,498 times.

How did you get into skydiving?
My father is a skydiver, and taught me to pack the parachutes when i was 15…I had packed about 600 tandem parachutes when I made my first jump, attached to my father! I loved it, went again straight away…and made my first solo the next week.

What drives you to jump so much?
I jump so much because I love the connectivity I experience sharing the joy of freefall and canopy flight with interesting people from all over the world..and of spectrums of life…kids, and elderly, blind and deaf, athletes and scholars and musicians…everyone tries it…I love it! someday I envision having a big farmstay/hotel-like place with a grass runway, a small plane, and have people come chill out and learn organic farming and skydiving.

Any other accomplishments you are proud of?
I have lived in ten different countries, once fasted from words for 100 days (I did not speak for 100 days) and graduating college.

Tell us more about not speaking for 100 days…
100 days without talking – wow, what a challenge, a tough course in self-discipline, and a means to really tackle my mind, and try and understand it a bit more. I learned a great deal, and became a much more peaceful person after that.

And what were your first words when you finally did speak?
I remember talking for the first time, I was with my mother shopping during the Christmas season, and I croaked out the word ‘mom,’ she looked up, and I was teary-eyed at the joy of being able to verbally communicate with someone…what a joy!

Rush 1998How and when did you get involved with the Lambda Chi Alpha?
In 1998, my roommates and I met some cool guys in the Fraternity and we thought, this is definitely for us.

Did you ever live in the House?
No i didn’t live in the house, but Room Six was a home away from home.

Did you hold any offices?
Yes, High Sigma (Scholastic Chairman).

Is there anyone you have lost touch with over the years that you would like to catch up with?
Nearly everyone! I have been living in two countries or more per year since I graduated…

What are your best memories of Lambda Chi Alpha?
Ritual, the Brotherhood and camadarie of the Fraternity.

What is your worst memory of Lambda Chi?
Being on probation and not having the ability to share music, dance and great times with the campus in our amazing House.

What is the one Lambda Chi related event that made you say “Wow, I never thought I would be doing this when I joined a fraternity”?
Ritual blew me away…I had no idea it would be so powerful/impactive.

Pete Jacquin FijiCan you still recite the Greek Alphabet?

Who, would you say, had the biggest impact on your fraternal experience and why?
Rick Lyon, my ever dedicated Big Brother. He was there for everything and cared with his heart and soul. Still to this day, he is a best friend ingrained in my heart.

Anyone you want to give a shout out to?
Shouts out to Blake Schwery, Chris Ringe, Nick Venuti, and Trevor Cameron, my dear roommies that rushed with me. To Brian Speckman, the unforgettable President, and my Big Bro Rick Lyon.

Any advice you want to share with future Lambda Chi’s?
Embrace the Brotherhood, do your homework and treasure your time! goes too fast!

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  1. Riketts Says:

    Wow. How many of us can say we’ve lived, compared to what he is doing?

  2. pokes Says:

    hey bud,
    glad to see you doing well and living your life the way YOU want to. Most people are not strong enough to do that. Take care of youorself bud.

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