Greek System reform at UW-W

The following is a note from our Academic Advisor on the UW-Whitewater campus, Paula Mohan, regarding Greek System Reforms.


The report issued by the NIC consultant’s study on how greek relations function on the UWW campus has been released and university officials are seeking feedback from alumni members, House corporation members, and anyone with an interest in UWW-Greek relations. The Blue Ribbon Commission on Greek Reform will convene after feedback is provided, will look at the input provided, and will write up a list of recommendations for changes in how the Greek system operates, due by February 15, 2008.

The report can be found as a link on this website:

The report is broken down into a few sections. The first is a list of general observations about what UWW does compared to other institutions. Then, the consultants look at five key areas in which they assess the strengths, the weaknesses, and make recommendations for change in each one.

The five areas are:

A. Developing Positive Interpersonal Relationships

B. Leadership Development

C. Build and Strengthen Social IQ, Citizenship, and Service Learning

D. Advance Academic Interest/Graduation of Members

E. Effective Campus Interface and Support of Fraternity/Sorority Experience

After reading through the report, alumni, greek members, and house corporation officials are invited to participate in two ways:

A. In-person through participation in a caucus, to be held Sunday, December 9th, 2008, at 2:00 pm in 2001 Winther Hall. Different members of the Blue Ribbon commission will lead the caucuses. To attend, you can register on the website, or simply show up at the caucus on 12/9/07.

Filling in the on-line feedback website. The on-line survey is open now and will be through the end of December. Responses will be kept anonymous. It can be found as a link to this webpage:

I strongly encourage every alumni member to participate in the caucuses and/or through the on-line feedback forum. Please email me if you have any questions about how to respond to this study. I appreciate all your help and will keep everyone posted on how the this process unfolds.


Paula (

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