Business Meeting Minutes

laptop.jpgThe following is a re-cap of the Alumi Association Advisory Board, from Brother Michael Easton.

A meeting of the Alumni Advisory Board was held on Tuesday, November 13, 2007.

In attendance: Tom Boelk, Michael Easton, Terry Lawler, Paula Mohan, Mark Litscher (aka Lurch), Bob Hazod, Ryan Trezek, Nick Weisensel (aka, Pokes), Kevin Grabowski (aka, Doggers), Luke Villwok, and Andy Ellinger.

Paula Mohan first gave an update regarding the University’s expansion committee and its current projects. Contrary to the reports that we received previously, Delta Chi is presently petitioning to recolonize next fall, and will appear before the expansion committee on Monday, November 19, 2007.

Paula went on to describe the results of the recent National Consultant’s Report regarding the current state of our greek system. The report is far too extensive to describe in detail here, but the university has made it available at the following website:

The purpose of this report stems from the Franklin Square meeting among representatives of national sororities and fraternities to attempt to achieve “value congruence” among Greek communities and to bring local chapters closer to realizing their values in practices. The National Consultants visited UWW in March 2007, conducted focus groups with various constituencies, and issued a report on what they viewed as both the strengths and weaknesses of the Greek community at Whitewater.

A committee has been formed to use the consultant’s report as the foundation of ideas for change and to also get input from current Greek students, alumni members, and anyone associated with the Greek system at UWW, past and present. After receiving the feedback, the committee will meet and write a report, due by February 15, 2008 to the Assistant Chancellor of Student Affairs, Dr. Barb Jones.

There are two ways that alumni members can give input into what they see as the strengths and weaknesses of the way the Greek system operates at Whitewater.

One way is to attend a caucus, open to House Corps members, alumni advisors, and alumni members, held at UWW, on Sunday, December 9th, 2007, at 2:00 pm, in 2001 Winther Hall. (To attend, simply register on the site, or just show up).

The second way that alumni members can contribute their thoughts about possible reforms would be to complete the on-line evaluation of the study, also found as a link on the website. This link will stay open till the end of December 2007.[end]

We encourage all of our alumni to complete the response form on the university’s website. The form can be found as a link on this site:

Alumni members are also welcome to attend the caucus on December 9th, in which they will be allowed to communicate their feelings in person in forums hosted by members of the committee that will be making recommendations for possible reforms in how the university deals with greek communities. Please show up in force and in formal attire, to once again assure the university of the dedication and professionalism of our alumni.

If you choose to participate in the response form or the caucus, please do so in a constructive manner befitting the Brotherhood of Lambda Chi Alpha. Thus far our alumni have handled our suspension and subsequent contact with university officials in a very professional manner that has drawn significant compliments from the university. We wish to continue in this manner of dealing with the university.

A Lambda Chi Alpha leadership seminar is being held in San Antonio, TX, from January 24-26. A big thank you to Pokes( Nick Weisensel), who volunteered to represent our alumni organization. Brother Jarod Holt, the Associate Director of Chapter Services (the brother directly in charge of our recolonization) has expressed that it is vital to our efforts to recolonize that we send a representative to this seminar. As you all know, we have absolutely no budget to send him. Each member of the alumni association is pitching in to help with travel costs for his trip. Any further donations, however small, would be a great help.

In a long distance request from Brother Jeff Reisdorfer, we addressed the possibility of amending the bylaws of the alumni organization to include the guarantee that every initiated brother receive a membership badge upon initiation. Each member present agreed that this should become standard practice in the future. However, due to our lack of status on campus, and more importantly our lack of any funds whatsoever, a vote on this matter will be tabled until our circumstances change, allowing us to both initiate members, and our finances change, allowing us to actually purchase the badges.

Further, we received a report that Brother Reisdorfer is doing significant additional work to create a recruitment website that will be available for all members to view in the future. We did view Brother Reisdorfer’s current status and it is very impressive. Brother Reisdorfer is also creating an ad campaign for our recruitment and reopening.

The final report regarding the North American Food Drive resulted in a total amount of $1,150 to be donated to the local Whitewater Food Pantry, exceeding our goal of $1,000. Congratulations and thank you to all brothers who organized this effort and donated to reach our goal. Efforts are being made to print a giant cardboard check to be
presented to the food pantry and a picture of the presentation to be posted on this site.

Finally, we have received notice that the exterior of our house is in disrepair to the extent that we are in violation of municipal code. Efforts will have to be made to repaint or re-side the exterior.

Respectfully submitted,
Brother Michael Easton

Meeting closed.

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