A message from Martin Hoke

The following message is from Alumni Association President, Marty Hoke.

“Given that Tom Boelk has indicated that he’d like to step down as High Pi, we’d like to offer the opportunity to any brother who would be willing and able to take on this rewarding challenge. Please think carefully about what this commitment will entail.

While there will be a great deal of support from other brothers and especially from Tom, Jarod Holt, who will be leading our recolonization effort, has made it clear that it will be necessary for the new “High Pi” to spend a significant amount of time helping to establish the colony and making sure that the new officers understand their roles in the beginning months. After the colony is established, it is anticipated that time requirements will be that of an established High Pi, and so will require less time. So, if you live somewhat close to Whitewater and you feel you have the time, energy and enthusiasm to make this commitment, please consider it.

If you have any questions or would like to nominate someone as a prospective candidate, including yourself, please contact Marty Hoke (mhoke@uline.com). Nominations will close at midnight on December 7th.”

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