Our Veterans, Our Brothers

Iwo JimaToday we honor all of Veterans who have given so much of themselves for our country, our liberties and our way of life. We are honored to acknowledge our Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha, Chi Delta Rho, Delta Kappa and Beta Kappa Nu who have sacrificed for us all.

(the list below is incomplete, only what we have from research and personal accounts, please let us know of others who deserve recognition)

– The entire Fraternity of Chi Delta Rho during World War II, as they were all called to serve, but specifically we know the names of:

Phil Gnatzig: Chi Delta Rho (WWII)
John Bumbalek: CDR (WWII)
Vic Matousek: CDR (WWII)
Stan Hittesdorf: CDR (WWII)
Harvey Schener: CDR (WWII)
Bob Chaffee: CDR (WWII)
Philip Tarpley: CDR (WWII)
Wayland Norell: CDR (WWII)
Clyde Morris: CDR (WWII)
John Austin: CDR (WWII)
Dick Olsen: CDR (WWII European Theater)
Kenneth Clark: CDR (WWII Pacific Theater)
Don Peterson: Delta Kappa (France)
Roger Buelow
Dave Engen
Fred Malcolmson
Joe Monday
Mike Skogstad
Bill Teuting
Ken Westphal
Joseph Adamson: Lambda Chi Alpha (Iraq)
Peter Agerholm: LCA
Mike Fitzsimmons: LCA
Jerry Perez: LCA
Darren Hafford: LCA (Bosnia)
Garrett Kucifer: LCA
Michael Ramig: LCA (Iraq)
Pat Sykes: LCA (Iraq)
Leo Cross: LCA
Gary Garber: LCA (Iraq)
Matthew Nelson: LCA
Michael Terpstra: LCA
Tim Bein: LCA (Iraq)
Jonathan Nathan: LCA

We would like to recognize:
Lt. Eldon Broman: Chi Delta Rho (1942)

We recognize Brother Broman’s courage and perseverance as a World War II pilot and Prisoner of War.

B-17s Over BerlinI first learned of Brother Broman and his experience while reading the 1944 Whitewater Minneiska Yearbook. Further research yielded a publication titled “B-17s Over Berlin: Personal Stories from the 95th Bomb Group (H) “by Ian Hawkins which includes a full account of Brother Broman’s story, in his own words. (Click here to read a preview from Google Book Search)

The recount tells of Brother Broman piloting a B-17F Bomber over Germany which was shot down, his undercover travels through Holland under an assumed identity, his capture by Nazi SS troops and finally his release as a Prisoner of War. (I will print a better account when my copy arrives).
(*Note: Brother Broman attended the Homecoming Banquet in 1946, as reported by the 1946 Minneiska)

Thank you to all of our Brothers who have given so much without thought of their own sacrifices.

If your deserving name was not listed, we apologize. Please comment on this post, or email Jeff eChopper and it will be added immediately.

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