Halloween: Creepy Whitewater

Jack Border
Because it is Halloween, I have found some “creepy” stories about Whitewater. If you have comments or further info on any of these stories, be sure to add your comments!

The following stories are from WeirdUs.com

– The Morris Pratt Institute (a.k.a. The Spook’s Temple) once stood in Whitewater (Corner of West Center Street and South Fremont St.), and was the first school to ever be built whose focus was communicating with the spirit world and other related topics. Large crowds would gather on Sunday nights, when raucous public seances would be held outside of the Pratt Institute. The school moved out of Whitewater in 1946, but its legends remain part of the town’s folklore.

– There are some other true, but very strange, stories regarding Whitewater. On Halloween in 1970, the community was shocked to find that the open grave of a young girl had been hijacked from a local graveyard and placed on the mall of the University’s campus. Two fishermen had seen strange lights floating around one of the cemeteries (which form a perfect isosceles triangle, not a five pointed star) the previous night.

– It is well known that there are a series of underground tunnels that form an intricate maze below Whitewater. It is believed that they were used as part of the Underground Railroad. Others say the tunnels have a much darker purpose, and are actually used by witches, who can travel safely within them without exposing their use of the black arts.

Wells Hall– Speaking of witches, there are two spots on campus that have been claimed as the meeting grounds for these practitioners of magic. The field where Wells Hall, a dormitory, now stands, was once a major meeting place for witch covens. Rumors claim that an altar exists somewhere underneath Wells Hall, around which a number of bodies are buried upright.

Starin Park Water Tower– The other witch hotspot is the water tower in Starin Park, known colloquially as Witches Tower. One Halloween, students placed calls to the police after seeing a group of people clad in robes performing a ceremony by candlelight next to the tower. The tower is locked up and surrounded by barbed wire, but rumors still persist that it is a meeting place for witches. (**Note from Jeff: The barbed wire fence that surrounded the Tower when I was in school faced inward toward the Tower, rumor is that it was put up to keep the witches locked in the Tower…not to keep people out of it).

– The most fascinating rumors regarding Whitewater and its darker aspects regard the secret literature locked within the University’s library. Apparently, the contents of a certain book are so volatile that four different people have killed themselves after reading it. Three were University students, and one was a local resident who was found in a gas station with his wrists slashed. The luckier ones have merely gone completely mad after reading these books. Because of this, the library now keeps this powerful book under lock and key – its contents remain unknown.

12 Responses to “Halloween: Creepy Whitewater”

  1. Jay Says:

    I used to live on Prairie street not far from the water tower. The barb-wire facing in around the tower was always one of those… “why is it like that” kind of things. Thanks for digging up the history on it!

  2. paula Says:

    This is too funny!!! And, yes, I agree with Jay that it’s cool that you pulled out all this folklore history. I like the part about the books that are so dangerous that you have to kill yourself after reading them.
    I think that rumor has definitely spread on campus and certainly helps to explain why so many students are afraid to open a book- I mean it might kill them after all! Hilarious!

  3. Willy, LI 715 Says:

    It’s unbelievable how much time you put into this site. Thanks for digging up the folklore. I didn’t know a single one of these stories. The only thing I ever heard was the yearly rumor that a drunk freshman in wells fell out his 6th story window, landed in the bushes, and walked away unscathed. Amazing how that happened every single year!

  4. kileen Says:

    this is a new movie.

    i was born and raised in whitewater, lived in wells east, ran around the witch’s tower for softball practice everyday in hs…
    it wasnt weird.
    however, i’ve never heard of that book until today actually when i was shown this movie preview.

  5. kileen Says:

    ok i guess my youtube url didnt post.

    go to youtube and search “the witch’s of whitewater”.

    its nuts.

  6. UWWLCA.com : Lambda Chi Alpha University of Wisconsin Whitewater » Blog Archive » The Witches of Whitewater Says:

    […] appears the movie’s writers combined several items of Whitewater folklore and fact and smashed them together to make a movie […]

  7. sami Says:

    what scares me the most i live right by the grave yard that the little girl was dug up and by the way they still have the book in the universidy but it is looked up and they dont kill them selfs…….the witches do.trust me .if you walk around the tower you can hear somone screaming.if you walk around it three times you can hear the witches talking and they can sometimes talk to you do not mess with the witches tower or the witches trust me you dont want to end up like the people who got killed by them

  8. Tom Says:

    Hmmm. I’ve lived near Whitewater, or in town, for over 46 years now, and have never even heard of any of this nonsense until now.
    I have fished off of the shore in the graveyard after dark for bullheads on Cravath Lake, many times. Even after midnight, without ever having any weird encounters.
    I went to Washington School (right across the road from the other Cemetary), and never even heard any weird rumors from the kids that lived right there.
    I actually got to walk into a part of the underground tunnels one night from inside a building on the corner of Jefferson and North Street, back in the early 80’s. My friend only let me go a short distance in, but it was cool. The opening going in was supposedly going to be sealed off shortly after that. He never experienced any weird sounds or anything coming from inside there.
    It seems to me that some people have too much time on thier hands these days.

  9. teeg Says:

    i live in whitewater

  10. Jamie Says:

    I lived in a house on Prairie Street when I went to school there. I was sitting in our kitchen, home alone, when I heard my cat screaming and hissing, so I got up and started for the living room where the cat was screaming and hissing. To get to the living room you have to pass the basement door, well the basement door was open and blocked my way into the living room. This was very odd because we had never opened that door because it was locked and bolted shut. I kind of just stared at it and started to shake a bit, then I tried to push it shut and found it was very hard to close. When I finally was able to close the door and bolt it shut I went into the living room to deal with the still screaming and hissing cat. I found him against the wall facing the front door that was wide open as well. When I saw that the front door was open I didn’t know what to do, I just stared at it in confusion and finally crossed to it and shut it. When I shut it the cat immediately stopped making noise and relaxed. Non of my roommates were home or stopped in. I didn’t tell them what happened, I didn’t want to scare them. But a lot of other weird stuff happened in that house.

  11. Chris Says:

    Does anybody know where the Witches of Whitewater’s book is in the library? We are trying to find it…Or can any one help us find any more information about it? Please reply. 😉

  12. Jon Says:

    I have lived in Whitewater since i was born, in 1991. I go to the h.s i am 17 and have found it very interesting all of the stories of the boring town i grew up in. I did a lot of research on what i had heard at the public library found a lot of articles about the witchcraft. I as chris said, am interested in learning more so if anyone knows of anything i would appreciate a hollar. Jshep010@yahoo.com

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