Your help is needed: House projects May 5th

This message is from Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation and the Alumni Association.

As many of you know, the house had a substantial water damage incident over the winter to rooms 1, 2 and the TV room. The boiler failed causing the radiators to crack in rooms 5, 6 and 7. All of the radiator leaks filled the house with water. We had to hire contractors to gut the rooms mentioned above to the studs, rip out all of the carpeting in the entire house and start over. To compound the problem the boiler failed and needed to be replaced. All of this damage was not covered by insurance and we had to eat everything. We have restored rooms 1, 2 and the TV room back to good standing. Now these rooms need to be painted and the entire house needs a major cleaning (from vacancy and construction) for 5 prospective student tenants Tom Boelk has lined up for 6/1/07.

Housing Corporation desperately needs income to survive. So far we have spent at a sizable ammount on this damage incident alone and have invested much more of house corporation funds from the time the chapter was closed. There are other options to keep the funds flowing to keep the House up to date and code, but we want to use those measure only if necessary. Your time and/or financial contributions are really needed right now.

In the meantime, we have designated Saturday May 5th as clean up day for our Chapter House. We will start at 9:00 AM and to go whenever. Everyone who can make it is encouraged to bring ladders, tools, rakes, shovels, etc. The more brothers we can get to show up, the faster we can be done! In my 15 years of being on House Corporation with Boelk, there is not a more important time than right now if there is ever a chance to keep our house for a chapter to come back to.

The intentions are as follows:

1. Clean up and wash down the house from the recent improvement projects.
2. Prep / Mask / Cover windows in preparation for Painting and Carpeting
3. Don Reinbold will do the Kitchen floor tiling and his wife Deb will be available to help. (the cost for this project is being covered by Don)
4. Clean up outside of house (rake leaves, pick up garbage, etc.)

Below is a list of supplies we will need:

1. Rags
2. Cleaners
3. Scouring Pads
4. Buckets
5. Mop(s)
6. Painter’s Blue masking Tape
7. Painters Plastic Drop Cloths – enough for all windows and other things we do not want painted
8. Kitchen tiling Supplies – Don Reinbold will supply

If anyone works for a company and can get a lot of cleaning supplies at cost, please e-mail me and House Corporation will pay for the supplies.


Kevin Grabowski
Secretary, House Corporation

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  1. pokes Says:

    Hey Kevin,

    My name is pokes LI 805 and I will be there to help. I own a construction company in Madison and I will bring down my 16 ft. job trailer along with a lot of my tools. I have a lot of ladders and planks for the outside and I will also bring my tiling saw and other tiling tools. I’ll try to throw my other power tools in also (table saw, miter box, compressor, etc.). I will try to get some of the brothers who live in madison to help. If there is anything else you need let me know. I would be able to buy painting supplies cheaper than you could but I would need to know how much you need and when I would be reimbursed.

    in ZAX
    Pokes LI805
    (608) 235-0337

  2. Brad Says:

    Hey Don,

    I spent some time is a tilers apprentice if you need any help. I can make some mean cuts on the wet saw and I’m pretty quick with a trowel. Just ask brother Garrett O’Rielly… damn his kitchen floor looks good!

    See you cats on the 5th.

    Brad aka Squirrel
    LI 698

    @ Pokes
    You rock brother! Bringing all that stuff down will be a big help. Your first one downtown is on me when the work day is done.

  3. pokes Says:

    Hey Squirrel,

    That sounds good to me. Anything I can do to help. I owe everything I have to you guys and that house. As far as I see it remodeling that house has been a long time coming. If you can, try to get O-face to come also. It makes the day go a lot smoother when I have someone to laugh at. Hahaha

    LI 805

  4. pokes Says:

    Just kidding big bro. I love you man


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