The Newest Men of Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Iota Zeta

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On Friday night December 3, 2010 the men of Elmhurst College drove to 416 W. North Street and conducted the first ritual over 5 yrs.  Starting at 8pm, it was an emotional experience not only for the Associate Members but for the alumni present as well.  At 4am the next morning, the following men were initiated into the brotherhood of Lambda Chi Alpha:   Aaron Ciha 933, Joe Humer 934, David Olmos 935, Jeff Martin 936, Brad Riss

937, Derrick Driscoll 938, Matt Schmus 939, James ‘Alex’ Vogel 940, Jordan Alward 941, Neal Fagan 942, Max Hammond 943, Josh Heath 944, Brian Holman 945, Ross Krueger 946, Jeremy Peterson 947, Chris Schrubbe 948 and Matt Turk 949.  Please join me in welcoming these men into the bond of our brotherhood.  We are back at UW Whitewater gentlemen, lets make sure that history does not repeat itself. Alumni involvement and contributions will go along way in making this colonly/chapter the strongest version at whitewater.

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  1. Steve Says:

    Great to see that more of us have come through Delta Pi!

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