Alumni Association Meeting Minutes 10/10/10

ΛΧΑ Alumni Association Meeting Minutes
416 W North St.
Whitewater WI, 53190

Meeting called to order 4:05

Attendance: Greg Ammon, Jacob Ciha, Bob Hazod, Bryon Hobbs, C.J. Kactro, Rick Lyon, Brian Kelm, Nick Weisensel , Aaron Fieseler ELC.

1)      Associate Member Ceremony was held on campus at 2:00 this afternoon, it was put on by Elmhurst College Chapter Pi Zeta Zeta.

2)      New bathroom ideas will be previewed at Homecoming and construction to commence next semester.

A)     If you like to donate to this cause please contact the High Pi Pokes at (608) 577-6273 or visit the website to donate online

3)      Homecoming discussed

A)      Shirt design:  Front – Cross & Crescent on front and reads est. 2010, back – the Iron Cross designed by Corey w/ Truman quote.  The cost will be $15.00 each, sizes M-XL.

B)      A banner with the letters and “Welcome Back” is to be purchased for Chapter use.

C)      A video montage containing old and new pictures synced with Lambda songs created by Brother Rick Lyon will be available for $5.00 (well worth it).

D)     Rick will also be selling LCA inspired baked goods (worth TBD).

E)      There will be a dunk tank, sumo suits and possibly a bouncy house for kids and adults who act like kids.  Bed sheet volleyball will be added to the list of events.

F)      Remember the house will be open to Alumni Friday!  There are a number of AMs and Alumni who will be celebrating that evening and into Saturday morning. 

G)     Jimmy Johns to cater.

4)      The Alpha will be installed prior to homecoming and unveiled that day. For those who aren’t aware the Lambda and Chi have been on the house for several years without the Alpha.

5)      Scholarships raised to $1,500.00.

A)     Half is allocated for the brother with the best GPA, the other for the AM with best GPA

B)      To qualify library hours (4/wk) must be fulfilled, observance of the dry house rules, etc.

C)      Violator will be disqualified.

D)     If you like to donate to this cause please contact High Pi Pokes at (608) 577-6273 or visit the website to donate online

6)      Save the date Saturday 23rd of April – Formal at Geneva National!  Last year was awesome, this year is sure to be even better!

7)      Winter Alumni event – Admirals game!

8)      Greg’s out of context quote of the meeting “I’ll volunteer your wife.”

9)      ELC Report

A)     This coming Saturday the 16th from 12-4 there will be Alumni Advisory Board training.

B)       It will be led by Master Steward Jon Williamson a former NIC VP.

C)      Training will assist AAB members about staying involved, streamlining the offices, and making the organization more effective.

D)     ELC to assist with rush techniques.

10)   Special thanks to the Elmhurst College Chapter Pi Zeta Zeta for putting on Associate Member Ceremony.

11)   Internationals has reached out and found Lambda Chi Alpha brothers in the area who are members of other Zetas who may be interested in participating in LI-Z Alumni Association, welcome and ZAX to those looking to join!

12)   Goal for the AA – Simply put, be recognized by Internationals as one of the best Alumni Associations in the country.  To do this we need the continued outstanding support of our members and new dedicated brothers to join.  On a personal note it is truly an amazing group of guys we have now, everyone is highly motivated, we have a long track record of success, we get things done, plans come to fruition, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun spending time with these men.  Come check it out!

13)   The Associate Members in the house are current with rent.

14)   Sunday the 24th the Chapter and AA will be pulling landscaping duty.  Pokes and those who have a debt to repay will begin 8am. Alumni are welcome to assist at a time of their choosing. We will also be repainting the letters on the driveway.

15)   This week’s mission: If you’re a member of the AA – Get brothers to attend homecoming, if you’re not a member of the AA – Join the AA and come to homecoming.

16)   11-14-10 will be the next meeting, 5:00 Housing Corps, AA meeting to follow.

Motion to Adjourn, Seconded 5:07


Humbly Prepared by…


 C.J. Kactro
LI – 892
AAB Secretary

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