House Remodel

A Note from the High Pi:

With the recolonization becoming a reality, I have been walking the house, trying to find little projects for the men in an attempt to help them invest in their home.  The downstairs half bath is in need of a redo.  In a perfect world, I would love to have this job completed before homecoming, however, there is much to be done with the ELC on campus and the recolonization occuring this semester, therefore, I would like to start the project this spring.  The men of the soon to be Lambda Chi Alpha Colony will be helping me with the remodel, as an investment project.  We are in desperate need of material and/or funds to finish the job on time.  That is where your support as an alumni comes in.  I am including with this note, a list of all the parts/material that will be needed for the half bath.  I am asking anyone who has extra or left over material from their own projects to please donate to this worthwhile cause.  Material can be dropped off at the house, or contact me through this website/facebook so we can set something up.  If you don’t have material but still want to contribute, monetary donations are acceptable.  All you have to do in order to make a donation, is to use the pay pal option on this website.  All donations will be greatly appreciated and will show internationals just how strong an alumni base Lambda Iota Zeta truly has.  Hope to see at homecoming 2010

In Zax



  1. Vanity Top                                                                     $379
  2. Faucet and Pipes                                                           $80
  3. Plywood                                                                         $90
  4. Drywall, Tape, Mud and Screws                                     $66
  5. Toilet                                                                              $160
  6. New Solid Core Door and Trim                                       $180
  7. Mirror                                                                             $50
  8. Light and Electrical Fixtures                                           $80
  9. Paint and Primer                                                            $60
  10. Tile (Floor and Wainscot)                                               $192.50
  11. Tile Backer, Screws, Thinset and Grout                         $78


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