Alumni Association Meeting Minutes 09/12/10

Alumni Association Meeting Minutes
416 W North St.
Whitewater WI, 53190

Meeting called to order 5:19

1) Roll taken.
2) Rush Discussed
    A) 7PM-8PM Capture the Flag  8PM-10PM Pool, darts and refreshments in the UC, Alums encourages   
         by the Delta, Matt Schmus to attend.
    B) Sept 24-29th  and Oct 4th to 18th ELCs will be present to help facilitate re-colonization.
    C) Rush shirts discussed, tentative design, (Front) “Why Lambda Chi?” (Back) “We Stand Out”
    D) Greg expounded the necessity of asking good questions when engaging new and prospective                
    E) Rush is main focus for the time being > Know what’s going on, Ask good questions, Alumni are  
        encouraged to participate!!!
    D) For more information or to donate to Fall rush call Matt Schmus, High Delta (414) 324-1141.
3) “It’s like trying to teach a duck how to eat a worm.” – Greg’s out of context quote of the week.
4) Pokes went to Hobos to look for furniture, however was unsuccessful. Pokes and Rick to make a trip   
     to IKEA.   Friday the 24th Milton and Pokes to go to UW swap shop for the same purpose.
5) Pokes to remodel the small bathroom down stairs in October.  Donations of materials, time, or money    
     are more than welcome please, contact the High Pi Pokes (608) 577-3086 to donate.
6) Homecoming will be an open event to all friends and Alumni who wish to attend.
    A) There will be shirts available for sale, both the Chapter homecoming shirts and a specially designed
         shirt by Corey.  Also there will be Lambda Iota DVDs, and glassware for sale.
    B) There will be a Bouncy thing, sumo-wrestling suits, and the dunk tank (AAB members to   
    C) Rick will be holding a bake sale featuring LCA inspired foods and treats.
    D)Due to the incompetency and questionable cleanliness to the Super 8 we will not be blocking off a
         rooms there.  Rooms 3 and 9 will be set up to accommodate any brother who wishes to      
        spend the night.
    E) Friday night will be same as previously discussed (Gather at house for cookout then DT)
7) AAB Secretary found unguarded Carrot Cake, delicious!
8) Next Alumni event will be Admirals game towards the end of January.  Tentative plan is to pregame   
     at Brother Mike Clarke’s bar (Mikeys Place), then off to the game, post game festivities to follow.
9) Alumni Mentors Program discussed, tentatively initiates will be available to adopt at Spring Formal.    
     To volunteer please contact High Pi Pokes (608) 577-3086, more information to come.
10) At the plate: On deck: Homecoming, for financial stability to.
11) A short ZAX session to be held at 4:30 on 10-10-10 prior to the next AAB meeting.
12) CJ proposes the creation of the “Chi” position, staffed by Milton and myself (CJ) to handle     
      communications and operations with the “Hiatus Generation”.
      A) Rick motions for a vote, seconded.
      B) Vote held, passes unanimously.
      C) To help with this position please contact Bryon “Milton” Hobbs at (414) 315-0773 
          or myself (CJ Kactro) at (262) 224-9386.
13) Alumni are invited to attend the general chapter business meeting on campus after AAB  meetings.        
      A) After general chapter business meetings one alumni with teach a short class in an area in which   
          they are knowledgeable.
14) Call to duty: Brothers and Alumni, replacement has always been one of our most important duties! 
     For the undergrads please remember how dear the fraternity is to you and how it has become a part  
     of your life, do your best to find other people that will share those ideas which we hold so dear.   
     Fellow alumni, the Fraternity has made us the men we are today, that is a debt we cannot repay, but  
     that doesn’t mean we can try…encourage others to join us!
15) Special Recognition: The AAB would like to recognize Marty Hoke and Kevin Shumate for their    
      very generous donations to the Fraternity, it is appreciated!

Motion to Adjourn, Seconded, 6:23

Humbly Prepared by…




C.J. Kactro
LI – 892
AAB Secretary

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