Our local history

Chi Delta Rho 1939 HouseDid you know that Lambda Chi Alpha is the 2nd oldest Fraternal organization in Whitewater? Only surpassed by Phi Chi Epsilon, Lambda Chi Alpha has roots as a Fraternal organization that goes back to 1929!

I have begun to compile our local history of an organization in Whitewater. Currently, I have all entries from Whitewater’s Official Yearbook, The Minneiska, from 1932-1990. This details the history of our organization, begining with a Fraternity known as Beta Kappa Nu, to Chi Delta Rho, to Delta Kappa, back to Chi Delta Rho and finally becoming Lambda Chi Alpha.

As I put together a complete history and map out all of the houses our Fraternity(s) have used throughout the years, I ask all of you to contribute any information you have to this effort. I am specifically looking for documents, photographs and other items that would prove useful in this documentation.

If you have materials or stories you would like to share and add to our local history, email me eChopper…remove the parens from the email address. If you do not have means to scan these documents to email, let me know and I will make arrangements to get the from/to you in an orderly fashion.

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