Recolonizing Meeting Minutes: August 28, 2007

laptop.jpgWhat follows are notes from the meeting with Lambda Chi Alpha International HQ with members of our Alumni Association on August 28th, 2007.
Notes (and a list of Brothers in attendance) were graciously compiled and are presented by Brother Michael “Willy” Easton (LI 715).

We met on 08/28/07 in Milwaukee, at the Clarion Hotel. The International fraternity was represented by Associate Director of Chapter Services, Jarod Holt. Brother Holt’s specific responsibility is the colonization of chapters, whether by starting from scratch on a new campus, or reopening suspended chapters such as our own. With Brother Holt’s visit, the question that is foremost in all our brothers’ minds was finally answered: When will we reopen our doors? Brother Holt assured us that the planning process will begin in the upcoming spring semester, and the actual colonization process will kick off in the Fall of 2008.

Brother Holt expressed significant optimism based on our current level of preparation and positive contact with university officials. We very briefly updated Brother Holt regarding our progress in the formation of an Alumni Advisory Committee, our improvements to the chapter house, our meeting with university officials, the passage of bylaws, and the efforts of Brother Jeff Reisdorfer in the design and maintenance of this website (an award for excellence relating to this website was presented by Brother Holt) and Internationals’ website (The Cross & Crescent) , and Brother “Fuzz” Martin in the podcasts (The Cross & Crescent) for Internationals.

Only a brief portion of last night’s meeting was actually spent discussing our progress, as Brother Holt has already spent a significant amount of time by telephone and email discussing these matters with the university staff and Brother Marty Hoke, our Alumni Advisory Board President. He has long been aware of our progress and cites it as a refreshing reason for optimism in our struggle to reopen our doors.

The primary focus of this meeting was information provided by Brother Holt, specifically a general overview of the procedure for colonization, and a basic outline of the updated training and resources of officers and associate members. At the moment, we are somewhat restricted in our actions, due to the standard procedures of Internationals in these matters. Prior to local alumni or Internationals taking action on campus in any form, it is the preference of Internationals that a dialogue begin with the university in order to determine the procedures of the university, thereby avoiding any form of misunderstanding or violation of university policy during the colonization process. Brother Holt anticipates that this discussion will likely take place in the late Fall or early Spring semester. Thereafter, Internationals will send a team to train the officers of the Alumni Advisory Board to operate once colonization begins. A team lead by Brother Holt, will also appear on campus to meet and recruit strong motivated individuals already active in other campus organizations. I believe there will be some amount of ‘scouting’ done on campus during the Spring semester, while the main activity and recruiting process will occur in the Fall.

Brother Holt also discussed the resources and training of new members and officers at length, as the Alumni Advisory Board will be expected to be significantly involved in this training. Recently the fraternity has attempted to emphasize a stronger focus on the values we promote. The ideals have therefore been narrowed down and are now more specific. Officers are then provided with group exercises known to be successful in promoting these specific ideals. Rather than leaving each chapter to attempt to create it’s own activities to promote these ideals, Internationals provides the chapters with numerous examples of activities the chapter can choose to utilize to emphasize and understand Lambda Chi Alpha’s ideals. Internationals additionally provides detailed explanations of the activities in order for the members to actively engage in group discussion of the exercise for further understanding after they complete the exercise. The goal is therefore to experience our ideals first hand and the promotion of better understanding by a discussion afterward.

Because we as local alumni have already achieved essentially all of the goals that Internationals have set, we are to wait for Internationals and the university to sit down and discuss the procedure for our reopening. Brother Holt suggested that we attempt some form of event for homecoming, specifically a community service type event, to announce that we’re coming back soon. If anyone has any suggestions for an event, they would be greatly appreciated (and please comment to this post with ideas). As always, if anyone wishes to become involved, we will welcome and need all the help we are offered, particularly in the year to come.

Michael “Willy” Easton
LI 715

Brothers in attendance: Tom Boelk, Marty Hoke, Don Reinbold, Bob Hazod, Andy Ellinger, Chris Daniels, Jim Wagner, Jay Matusin, Juan Paz, Ramiro Paz, Luke Villwock, Michael Easton, Bryan Phillips, Nick Weisensel and Tom Kempfer.

Our Academic Advisor Paula Mohan was also in attendance.

2 Responses to “Recolonizing Meeting Minutes: August 28, 2007”

  1. EJ Vincent Says:

    Congratulations on your recent web award at the 2007 Stead Leadership Seminar. I’m the web developer for the University of Florida’s Epsilon-Mu chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha and I know the hard work that goes into maintaining a site such as yours: you guys are doing a great job and just wanted to send some personal accolades to you all.

    It appears from reading through a few articles, that you have some up-and-coming administrative ‘red tape’ to wade through for your recolonization. I wish you all the best of luck.

    In ZAX,
    Epsilon-Mu 1949
    University of Florida

  2. John Schmitt Says:

    Great news on the Movement to recolonization of Lambda-Iota! Glad to see the alumni are organized and offering assistance.

    In ZAX

    John Schmitt
    Phi-Alpha 12
    Eastern Illinois University

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