UW-Whitewater Homecoming!

A Letter from our High Pi, Brother Nick Weisensel

High Pi: Nick WeisenselHey brothers!

The recolonization effort is in full force. We are now up to 15 dedicated men. The house has been newly landscaped and the front porch has been painted. Everything is going great. Now it is time to celebrate! Come join us and help the cause during homecomeing. The homecoming event will be at the house starting at 9 am. The parade starts at 10 am. Lots of food, snacks and N/A beverages will be provided. There are a lot of new things this year that will be going on. We will be having a cookout after the parade. We also are trying to tie in our recolonization efforts by having a dunk tank, and yes, I will be one of the individuals in the tank. I am not too worried though. If I learned anything from all those years watching Galle, Schreck and Harold play IFC softball, it is that they throw like girls, and they were our best. haha. All money raised by the dunk tank will be given to the food drive for this semester. We will also have empty barrels there for food drop
off. We also will be raffling off two bean bag toss games decorated in Lambda Chi Alpha art with the proceeds going to the housing corporation. One of our main goals this semester, besides continuing our recolonization efforts, is to raise money for the house. We are running low on cash and face losing it next semester without raising about 3 leases worth of income. I am also working on getting some sumo suits. The guys and myself are looking forward to seeing everyone this year! Lets have a blast!

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