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Lambda Chi Alpha Calendar of Events

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

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And The WINNER IS………..

Monday, July 12th, 2010


The first annual Pokesapolooza was held this past weekend (07/10/10) at Tumbledown Trails in Middleton WI.  The event was an astounding success  with 13 brothers hitting the links for a full day of camaraderie, brotherhood and hi jinks.  18 holes and 5 and 1/2 hours later, we were all back in the club house, sun burned and tired but filled with great memories.  Memories like Brad R texting a special someone and forgetting to tee off to Rick L getting so wrapped up in his swing that he actually lost a club somewhere between the 15th and 17th hole. (If anyone found it, please let him know).  It was a day where big brothers got reacquainted with their little brothers; new friendships forged and everyone being brought up to speed on our recolonization efforts.


The event wasn’t without it’s awards and gifts either.  Before teeing off, Brothers received a complimentary gift bag full of tee’s,  golf balls and a golf towel.  In addition to this, the winner of the 1st annual Pokesapolooza will be immortalized on a plaque that will hang prominently in the chapter room at the house.  This year’s winner, with a score of 78 is Brother Ryan Brinza.  But wait, we don’t stop there.  where there is a low score, there is a high score.  We decided to  honor this year’s highest scoring brother with an award as well. The Duffer Award is a traveling award, and will be passed on year after year to the brother with the highest score. Each year that brother will modify the award in his own personal way, kind of like the “Chuck” award for those of you who remember.  This year’s Duffer award went to Brother Jeff Martin with a score of 154.  Not to worry though, Jeff wasn’t alone in his endeavor to attain the highest score.  3 other brothers were in the running. Maybe next year fellas.  Thanks again to all those who made this event a successful and joyous brotherhood event.  Hopefully, next year’s will be even bigger and better.