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Celebrating our Founders

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Today in Lambda Chi Alpha History: A letter signed by Lambda Chi Alpha Charter Brothers Jack Mason, Bert Cross and Ray Ferris.

John Mason

May 27, 1932
On this day, the twentieth anniversary of the founding of Epsilon Zeta, and of our initiation into Lambda Chi Alpha, we unite in re-affirming our belief in the principles of Lambda Chi Alpha. What is worth while is difficult; this maxim is as true for us as a Fraternity today as it was two decades ago. Faith in one another, and the determination to meet and cope with any obstacle in the way, will help our successors in the active unity of the Order to surmount the difficulties of the coming academic year. We believe, as we believed twenty years ago, in the vital significance of the open and secret mottoes of Lambda Chi Alpha, in their ritualistic embodiment, and in their practical application.

Cited from The History of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Charles S. Peyser, Ph. D., 1992, p. 142

In Memory of our Brothers

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Unknown SoldiersOn this Memorial Day, we would like to remember all of our Brothers who have served our Country with Honor, Pride and Bravery.

This year, we would like to honor all of our Brothers, names unknown, who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the name of the United States.

Magic Carpet Ride Myth

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

A great article from Elon Brother Jason Pearce.

I was 19 years old when I joined Lambda Chi Alpha. Everything I learned about the fraternity I learned from my big brother Lee Thomas, the High Kappa (new member educator), or other senior members in our chapter.

When they told me the fraternity was founded in 1909, I believed them. Likewise, when they played Steppenwolf’s song “Magic Carpet Ride” at every party and told me lead singer John Kay was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, I had little reason to doubt them.

But they were wrong.

Job opportunities: XO Communications w/ Brother Forrest Knueppel

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

XO Communications

I promised Brother Forrest Knueppel that I would post this for him, about 2 months ago. Ack! Sorry Forrest.

Forrest is a Regional Manager for XO Communications. He is looking to hire some people to work for him in the Detroit area. Even if you don’t live in Detroit, you should give Forrest a call and find out what opportunities he has available. I know that both Brothers Robert Bye and Dan Gratton work for Forrest and have become quite successful in the Chicago market. Forrest asks that you call him direct for the real scoop.

Forrest Knueppel LI-727
VP / General Manager – Detroit
XO Communications

Re-colonizing FAQ updated

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Thanks to a many inquiries about our Re-colonizing in Whitewater, we have updated the Re-Colonizing FAQ page.

If you have a question that you would like answered, please use the Contact Us page to send me, Jeff, your question.

Hats off to the Graduates!

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

2008 GraduationCongratulations to all new Alumni Members who have just graduated from college!

Brothers Darren Hafford, Michael “Fuzz” Martin, Derek Blaszak, Peter Reynolds, Chris Zimbrick, Andy LaSusa, Kirby Fitch, Mingo Nicks, Anthony Nigbur are now Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni. (Although Darren and Fuzz had been Alumni for a few years).

***ADDITIONS: Matt Marver is also graduationg. My apologies. And extra congrats to Matt, who was in school for a year or 2 when I was in Whitewater (for one reason or another! haha).


Also, Brother Andrew Ullrich is being awarded his degree by the University in a ceremony separate from that of all other graduates. His parents will be accepting the diploma on his behalf. It will be held on Sunday, May 18, 2008 from 11:00am – 2:00pm in the Old Main Ballroom at the UC. Everyone is invited, light refreshments will be served.





Composites: 1961

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Many thanks to Brother Paul Korth for sending us this 1962 Delta Kappa composite.

Click on the image to view/download the full-size composite.

From the desk of the High Pi: The Future of Our Chapter

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

High Pi: Nick WeisenselDear Brothers,
My name is Nick Weisensel, and as many of you know, I have been chosen as the new Alumni Advisor (High Pi) for our Chapter in Whitewater. First, thank you for this opportunity, it means the world to me. I am very excited to be the next Alumni Advisor for Lambda-Iota Zeta. To assume the role that our Brother Tom Boelk as held for over 2 decades is a daunting task to say the least. Let Tom’s giving of himself serve as an example and inspiration to what it means to be a True Brother and Active Alumni Member. My goal is that when I am succeeded by another High Pi, that my name be mentioned with the same reverence as that of Tom Boelk.

Brothers, we are experiencing a very exciting time in our Chapter’s history. Lambda Chi Alpha is returning to Whitewater’s campus because of the reputation that all of us have helped build throughout it tenure. I ask all of you as Alumni Members to help continue this tradition, to assist in passing the tradition of Lambda Chi Alpha on to our new Associate Members in the coming year. When I envision our Fraternity back on campus, I see a Chapter not just of Active Members, but of Alumni Brothers as well.


Alumni Interview: Matthew Nelson

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Matthew Nelson at the summit of Mt. ElgonOnly in the past year have I discovered that Brother Matthew Nelson and I are within 10 miles of one another each day. I work for the University of Minnesota (in St. Paul) and Matt is a student at the University of Minnesota School of Law (in Minneapolis). Being “out of my element” in Minnesota, it is great to have a Lambda Chi Brother to have lunch with.

Matt, we were both in school at the same time, but what years were you in Whitewater and what degree did you earn?

From 1995 until 1999…I earned my Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in MCS (Management Computer Systems).

And what are you doing now, professionally?

I’m going for my JDMBA at the Business Law School at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.


Alumni Updates: Larry Roberts

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Larry Roberts 1960Delta Kappa Brother Larry Roberts sent a quick email & photo to let everyone know he is in Patagonia, Argentina.

Brother Roberts sent an email to Brother Red Moeller to let everyone know that he is enjoying himself and included this photo of himself dangling his feet over a cliff in the Andes while enjoying a bottle of wine.
Larry Roberts 2008 - Argentina

North American Food Drive: 180 Days

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

The Lambda Chi Alpha North American Food Drive will take place in 180 days from today. That may seem like a long way away, but with the summer days coming and the return of Lambda-Iota to Whitewater, it is sure to sneak up faster than we can imagine.

This year, we will have the Undergraduate Colony to work with on the Food Drive. Last year all of you helped the Alumni Association raise $1150 for the Whitewater Food Pantry, equaling 8,050 pounds of food! That’s pretty awesome for a bunch of guys donating from the comfort of their computer desks!

We are actively seeking volunteers to help brainstorm ideas for area sponsors and other fund raising ideas to help Lambda-Iota’s contribution to the Whitewater Food Pantry pass 10,000 lbs of food. We have some great tools set in place to facilitate these efforts, now we just need YOU to volunteer for some online brainstorming.

Will you help our Brothers with our most important philanthropic event?

If so, please leave a comment on this thread and I will get in touch with you, or contact me (Jeff) via the CONTACT US page.

Cross & Crescent: May 2008

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

739750536_9fb17cdb07_oOur Chapter at UW-Whitewater is well-represented in the May 2008 issue of the Cross & Crescent.

Lambda-Iota is noted in the article Expansion Plan Update, focusing on Lambda Chi Alpha’s expansion plans for the coming years. (See our info listed in the box on the right).

In the Chapter News Section, Brother Nick Schreck and I are highlighted. Nick, for his winning of the 2008 Assistant Division Manager Award from Physicians Mutual; and I am mentioned for my trip to Oklahoma City where I traveled on business and was able to visit the Lambda Chi Chapter at Oklahoma City University.

If you have accomplishments or happenings in your life you would like listed in the Cross & Crescent and/or on our website, please visit the Contact Us page and let us know what you are up to!

Words of wisdom

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

From The History of The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, written by Charles S. Peyser.

Lambda Chi Alpha is a cooperative. We produce a way of life, for ourselves and for those whose lives we touch. Yet, we must never lose sight of the fact that despite our “product” being different, we operate like other organizations. That means budgets, committees, squabbles, and hopefully, successes.

The danger of a cooperative is that they are human organizations and human organizations are subject to human frailties and there are always going to be people in cooperatives who will want to be the “co” part while they let others do the “operating.” Another danger in the cooperative is that its members, when they become successful, are apt to forget the original purposes for which they were organized.

-Murray Lincoln (Massachusetts)