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Alumni Interview: Peter Jacquin

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Pete Jacquin Mid-airAfter joining Facebook and creating the Lambda Chi Alpha : Wisconsin-Whitewater group, I re-connected with Brother Peter Jacquin. I remember Pete from our undergrad days, Pete was the charismatic Scholastics Chair. He and I have been corresponding through Facebook ever since. (This is my soft-sell for joining Facebook and our Chapter’s group). I interviewed Pete for the website and I am pleased to share it with you now!

What did you major in while you were at Whitewater?
Political science and Psychology

What are you doing now, professionally?
I am a skydiving instructor living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Send a Christmas Card to Everyone

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Christmas Cards OnlineLost addresses, time and distance have seperated us from many of the great friends we had in college. In an effort to reach all of our Brothers throughout the land, we will be hosting your Christmas Cards online, free of charge.


Business Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 19th, 2007

laptop.jpgThe following is a re-cap of the Alumi Association Advisory Board, from Brother Michael Easton.

A meeting of the Alumni Advisory Board was held on Tuesday, November 13, 2007.

In attendance: Tom Boelk, Michael Easton, Terry Lawler, Paula Mohan, Mark Litscher (aka Lurch), Bob Hazod, Ryan Trezek, Nick Weisensel (aka, Pokes), Kevin Grabowski (aka, Doggers), Luke Villwok, and Andy Ellinger.

Greek System reform at UW-W

Monday, November 19th, 2007

The following is a note from our Academic Advisor on the UW-Whitewater campus, Paula Mohan, regarding Greek System Reforms.


The report issued by the NIC consultant’s study on how greek relations function on the UWW campus has been released and university officials are seeking feedback from alumni members, House corporation members, and anyone with an interest in UWW-Greek relations. The Blue Ribbon Commission on Greek Reform will convene after feedback is provided, will look at the input provided, and will write up a list of recommendations for changes in how the Greek system operates, due by February 15, 2008. (more…)

Announcement from Tom Boelk

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

The following is a message from Brother Tom Boelk.

Tom Boelk“After 25 years as serving as “High Pi” for the Lambda Iota chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, I will be stepping down and will move to emeritus status. I will continue to attend Leadership Conferences and will stay active in both chapter and International activities, but it is time for a new person to take on the role of “High Pi” as the chapter recolonizes. I will be around to help the new person transition into the job and will always be available to give advice and to share the knowledge I have picked up over the years. To whoever steps forward to take this on, please know that you will not be alone but will have the support of both me and other brothers. I also hope that whoever becomes the new “High Pi” finds it as rewarding as I have over the years.”

A message from Martin Hoke

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

The following message is from Alumni Association President, Marty Hoke.

“Given that Tom Boelk has indicated that he’d like to step down as High Pi, we’d like to offer the opportunity to any brother who would be willing and able to take on this rewarding challenge. Please think carefully about what this commitment will entail.

While there will be a great deal of support from other brothers and especially from Tom, Jarod Holt, who will be leading our recolonization effort, has made it clear that it will be necessary for the new “High Pi” to spend a significant amount of time helping to establish the colony and making sure that the new officers understand their roles in the beginning months. After the colony is established, it is anticipated that time requirements will be that of an established High Pi, and so will require less time. So, if you live somewhat close to Whitewater and you feel you have the time, energy and enthusiasm to make this commitment, please consider it.

If you have any questions or would like to nominate someone as a prospective candidate, including yourself, please contact Marty Hoke ( Nominations will close at midnight on December 7th.”

Tau Kappa Epsilon House Fire

Monday, November 12th, 2007

The following news story will remind many of you from the 90’s of the fire at the TKE House which claimed the life of their Rotweiler, Axl. This is a reminder to us all for our own home safety devices and the House at 416 West North Street, as well.


Our Veterans, Our Brothers

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

Iwo JimaToday we honor all of Veterans who have given so much of themselves for our country, our liberties and our way of life. We are honored to acknowledge our Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha, Chi Delta Rho, Delta Kappa and Beta Kappa Nu who have sacrificed for us all.

(the list below is incomplete, only what we have from research and personal accounts, please let us know of others who deserve recognition)

– The entire Fraternity of Chi Delta Rho during World War II, as they were all called to serve, but specifically we know the names of:

Phil Gnatzig: Chi Delta Rho (WWII)
John Bumbalek: CDR (WWII)
Vic Matousek: CDR (WWII)
Stan Hittesdorf: CDR (WWII)
Harvey Schener: CDR (WWII)
Bob Chaffee: CDR (WWII)
Philip Tarpley: CDR (WWII)
Wayland Norell: CDR (WWII)
Clyde Morris: CDR (WWII)
John Austin: CDR (WWII)
Dick Olsen: CDR (WWII European Theater)
Kenneth Clark: CDR (WWII Pacific Theater)
Don Peterson: Delta Kappa (France)
Roger Buelow
Dave Engen
Fred Malcolmson
Joe Monday
Mike Skogstad
Bill Teuting
Ken Westphal
Joseph Adamson: Lambda Chi Alpha (Iraq)
Peter Agerholm: LCA
Mike Fitzsimmons: LCA
Jerry Perez: LCA
Darren Hafford: LCA (Bosnia)
Garrett Kucifer: LCA
Michael Ramig: LCA (Iraq)
Pat Sykes: LCA (Iraq)
Leo Cross: LCA
Gary Garber: LCA (Iraq)
Matthew Nelson: LCA
Michael Terpstra: LCA
Tim Bein: LCA (Iraq)
Jonathan Nathan: LCA

We would like to recognize:
Lt. Eldon Broman: Chi Delta Rho (1942)

We recognize Brother Broman’s courage and perseverance as a World War II pilot and Prisoner of War.

B-17s Over BerlinI first learned of Brother Broman and his experience while reading the 1944 Whitewater Minneiska Yearbook. Further research yielded a publication titled “B-17s Over Berlin: Personal Stories from the 95th Bomb Group (H) “by Ian Hawkins which includes a full account of Brother Broman’s story, in his own words. (Click here to read a preview from Google Book Search)

The recount tells of Brother Broman piloting a B-17F Bomber over Germany which was shot down, his undercover travels through Holland under an assumed identity, his capture by Nazi SS troops and finally his release as a Prisoner of War. (I will print a better account when my copy arrives).
(*Note: Brother Broman attended the Homecoming Banquet in 1946, as reported by the 1946 Minneiska)

Thank you to all of our Brothers who have given so much without thought of their own sacrifices.

If your deserving name was not listed, we apologize. Please comment on this post, or email Jeff eChopper and it will be added immediately.

Business Meeting: November 13th

Friday, November 9th, 2007

A reminder that there is an Alumni Association Business Meeting:

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007 at 7pm
215 Hyer Hall, UW-Whitewater Campus

Click the link above to see the original posting with an attached agenda.

Our Houses, Then & Now

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Did you know that throughout the history of our organization, Chi Delta Rho, Delta Kappa and Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternities have lived in 9 houses in Whitewater?

We are in the process of documenting all of the houses with “Then & Now” pictures.

Here are the first two we have for you, click on the image to see larger, more detailed pictures.

219 South Whiton Street Thumb
Delta Kappa-1954 (219 South Whiton Street)

181 Fraternity Lane Thumb
Chi Delta Rho-1962 (181 Fraternity Lane)

Many thanks to Brother Domingo Nicks for taking the time to shoot these photos.

North American Food Drive 2007: We did it!

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Thumbs UpWe surpassed our goal!
Final (Pending) Total: $1160 (11/05/07, 8:00am)
Donor List

North American Food DriveWith all electronic donations in, I can tell you for sure we have $855 in donations via this website, alone! Our Alumni Association President, Martin Hoke, has been accepting cash/check donations for the Food Drive and can add to this to make the grand total final. (Last I was told, he had $290 in cash/check donations which gives us the pending $1145 total). Upon finalizing the amount, a check will be sent to the Whitewater Food Pantry and a check presentation will be made. Follow-up press releases and photos will be sent to the newspaper outlets in the Whitewater and Janesville area. I will have the final conversion of pounds of food raised, once I confirm it with Marilyn Kleinbaum, director of the Whitewater Food Pantry. All totals will be posted here and submitted in the press release.

Again, many thanks to the Brothers who had the means to donate to our Fraternity’s largest philanthropic event, nation-wide! Keep up to date with the website to see final totals for Lambda Chi Alpha nationally for the North American Food Drive!

Cross & Crescent: November 2007

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Be sure to check out the latest Cross & Crescent (available online).

Features include articles on our Brothers (Presidental hopeful) Ron Paul, (Award winning poet) H.F. “Pete” Fairchild and (Soccer star) Cobi Jones.

Remember, our own Fuzz Martin hosts the Official Cross & Crescent Podcast each month! Available free on iTunes* or streaming live on the Cross & Crescent website!
*You must have iTunes installed to subscribe to the Podcast via iTunes

Also, visit the Chapter News Section which has a column on Wisconsin-Whitewater’s own, Darren Hafford!

Ron Paul’s Presidential Bid

by Chris Barrick
Ron PaulDr. Ron Paul is a U.S. Congressman from Texas, a physician, and a 2008 U.S. presidential candidate. His honest, grassroots campaign has been fueled by the Internet support, where his fund-raising has widely exceeded analysts’ predictions.

Facebook group

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Facebook LogoThe Alumni Association has put together a Facebook group for all Lambda Chi Alpha Brothers from Whitewater. If you are a Lambda Chi from Whitewater, we want you to join. The group is members only, so be sure to click the button on Facebook to request membership. You must have an active Facebook account to join the group.

Click here to go to our Facebook group.

We currently have over 25 of our Brothers in the group and more joining every day (I believe 10 have joined this week, alone). Group members can upload images, video and post items about themselves, what they are doing and general Chopper talk.

Some of the Brothers I have been excited to catch up with on Facebook are: Al Florence, Peter Jacquin, Ken Schuldt and Matt Nelson.

Do you have no idea what Facebook is? Click here to read the Wikipedia entry explaining it