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Safehouse: 2004

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Safehouse Feb, 2004Here’s a picture from a few years back at the Safehouse in Milwaukee.
(Back Row L-R) Brad Scheuerell, Mike “Fuzzy” Martin, Mike Hess
(Middle Squaters Row L-R) Matt Fredrick, Jay Matusin, Garrett O’Reilly
(Front Row L-R) Garrett’s friend, (me) Jeff Reisdorfer

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Your help is needed: House projects May 5th

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

This message is from Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation and the Alumni Association.

As many of you know, the house had a substantial water damage incident over the winter to rooms 1, 2 and the TV room. The boiler failed causing the radiators to crack in rooms 5, 6 and 7. All of the radiator leaks filled the house with water. We had to hire contractors to gut the rooms mentioned above to the studs, rip out all of the carpeting in the entire house and start over. To compound the problem the boiler failed and needed to be replaced. All of this damage was not covered by insurance and we had to eat everything. We have restored rooms 1, 2 and the TV room back to good standing. Now these rooms need to be painted and the entire house needs a major cleaning (from vacancy and construction) for 5 prospective student tenants Tom Boelk has lined up for 6/1/07.


Delta Kappa: 1958 Pledge Class

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

1958 Pledge Class PhotoThanks to Brother Red Moeller for supplying this photo of the 1958 Pledge Class of Delta Kappa, taken in May. This photo was taken of the brand new Anderson Library.

*Note from Jeff: Probably the largest gathering of Brothers at Anderson Library at one time 😉

Delta Kappa: 1958 Pledge Class

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Delta Kappa 1 Thanks to Brother Dick Olsen for this photo. Brothers Dick Olsen and Red Moeller say that by 1960, Pledges were still required to carry pledge paddles, pledge books, wear black pants, white shirts, black vests, but were no longer required to wear the fake mustaches (as seen in other Pledge photos). Click the photo thumbnail to see the full-size version.

Delta Kappa/Chi Delta Rho: Summer Lunch 07

Friday, April 20th, 2007

Wednesday July 18, 2007
Great Wolf Lodge, Wisconsin Dells
Annual Luncheon

Greetings Brothers,
We (The Delta Kappa & Chi Delta Rho Brothers) will be gathering prior to 12-noon. We will have an off-the-menu lunch as before. The Great Wolf Lodge has been accomodating us and will be serving us if we eat after 1pm. Also note: the ladies are welcome and many do attend. There is a new outlet mall open next door, I think it is within walking distance.

Chi Delta Rho: 1960 Pledge Class

Friday, April 20th, 2007

Chi Delta Rho: 1960 Pledge ClassThank you to Brother Red Moeller, who supplied this image of the 1960 Chi Delta Rho Pledge Class. Their school semester was 18 weeks and the Pledging period was about 15 weeks. (Click on the thumbnail to view the full size image.)

KNEELING:  Tom Boll, Dan Thompson, Monte Hottman, Roger Buelow, Jim Gregory, Dick Horn, Bill Hebl, Ed Meister

STANDING;  Perry Hellum, Roger Millard, Bill Tueting, Dick Schaefer, Don Petersen, Doug Grove, Bob Bauman, Ced Anderson, La Moine Gullickson, Ken Westphal

Pledgemaster: Clark Pearson
Assistant Pledgemaster:  Don Stevens

Cross & Crescent Podcast

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Keep up to date with Lambda Chi Alpha International happenings, Notable Alumni News, and other general Fraternity information with the Cross & Crescent Magazine. Also,the Cross & Crescent Podcast is available through iTunes for free (make sure you have iTunes installed). Click this button:

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Greetings from Phoenix!

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Jeff ReisdorferHey guys,
I hope you are all enjoying the pre-summer months. I am in Phoenix on business and wanted to write a little something to let you know that I am gathering content for the site from members of the Alumni Association and Housing Corps.

For those who didn’t know, Housing Corps. and the Alumni Association used to be the same entity. During the Recolonization process, the duties of both were split into seperate groups, allowing more Brothers to be involved on different levels and splitting the work in more managable ways.

If you would like to get on the mailing list for the Alumni Association, please respond to this post, just comment and use your real email address in the required field and I will contact you personally.

For those who want to get involved with the Alumni Association and/or Housing Corps. keep your eyes peeled to this site as information is forthcoming! Be sure to let all Alumni know that the website will be updated regularly with information about Alumni Activities, Profiles, Recolonization and other items.

Brother Directory

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

The Brother Directory that we all had come to know in love is not gone, it is just hidden. We are tweaking some of the specifics so that you will be able to fix your own entries within the database. I am also in the process of revamping the login process. Once it is fixed, you will be required to re-sign up for the directory using your iota number.

If there are any features that you would like included in the database, please list them in the comments section below.

What we are up to…

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

To get our Alumni site going again, I will let everyone out there know what Fuzz and I are up to in terms of Lambda Chi.

For those that didn’t know, the Cross and Crescent Magazine moved over to an electronic publication in November of 2005. Since the beginning, Fuzz and I have been involved. Cross & Crescent Editor and IT Director at LCA HQ, Jason Pearce, tapped me to help with the design of the C&C website as well as the layout of the .pdf version of the Magazine. I have also helped on and off with image editing, illustration, and layout work. In December of 2005, Fuzz and I had the idea to put the C&C into a Podcast format. Lambda Chi Alpha became the first Fraternity to have their Magazine online as well as in a Podcast format. Fuzz has been the voice of the Cross & Crescent ever since.

I am also involved with Lambda Chi’s Graphics Committee which has been taking on the task of getting LCA’s logos, marks, symbols, and other imagery in a clean vector format. Most recently, I was given the opportunity to create the logo for the 2007 Leadership Seminar.

Fuzz and I both credit Lambda Chi Alpha for giving us opportunities and abilities that we would never have had if not for joining. From all of our Brothers who encouraged us, helped us with our scholastics, provided a sane (?) place to live, and being surrounded by people care about each other, Fuzz and I feel blessed to be where we are today and want to give back as much as possible to each of you and Lambda Chi.

Without further a-do, we give you the new