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Thursday, January 13th, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for the newest initiated brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Iota Zeta.  Fall 2010 grades are in and the men posted an impressive 3.15 cumulative GPA.  Way to go men.  The 932 brothers before you are impressed by your hard work and dedication.  Keep up the good work men. You make us proud.  A special thanks goes out also to Nick “Pokes” Weisensel on his dedication and hard work with these men.  Ever since their return, Nick has driven home the importance of grades and education.  Nick deserves just as much recognition as the undergrads. Way to go guys.

Alumni Association Meeting Minutes from 08/15/10

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Alumni Association Meeting Minutes
416 W North St.
Whitewater WI, 53190

Meeting Called to order 5:25

1)Letter from Patrick Vaughn of Internationals circulated regarding re-colonization expansion dates Sept 24-29 and Oct 4-18.
2). Alumni Association Board Officer status discussed
3) There will be a Brother from Racine to help with recoloniztion. More info to come.
4) The University is happy with our performance thus far, keep up with standards
5) Grades Discussed
 a. Chapter GPA 2.94, good enough for 4th (AS – 3.04, AKA – 3.00. DZ – 2.96)
 b. AM GPA 2.96
 c. This our #1 priority, look to the general chapter and AAB if you need help!
 d. Ritual 2.25 or above.
 e. Get your class schedule to Brad at the first meeting!
6) City is displeased with the letters on the house.  Don assured the AAB this is a non-issue.
7) Rush Dates
 a. Sept 15 (Capture the Flag) Sept 21 (Deal or No-Deal) Sept 21 (Dinner at the house)
 b. Advertising – Business cards, Table tents (pending approval) posters (pending  approval) and fliers are to be utilized.
 c. Dorm Storming – Limited use pending approval from Rick.  You may not solicit,  however you may speak to people you already are acquainted with.
 d. Rush Boards (pending approval from Resident Life)
 e. Side walk chalking will take place the 12-14th Sept
 f .Get dudes! “Make the sale” -Greg
8 ) Remodel of small bathroom to take place before homecoming.
a.If you have materials, money or time you wish to donate,  please contact Pokes at  608-577-3086.  Also stay tuned to this website for more information.

9) Rick will be blocking off rooms at the Super 8 for Homecoming weekend (both Friday and Saturday the 29-30th of October so Alumni can stay the weekend.
      a. Tentative gathering at the house Friday evening, cook out if the weather holds, cocktail hour 9-230am, unprovoked harassment of the float builders to follow. Contact Rick if interested 262-993-2256.
10) Tentative Plans for Homecoming day
      a. Charge for entry (price to be set) brother will receive a T-Shirt, food and drink, access to the bouncy house for the kids, dunk tank, possibly sumo suits as well.
          Come one come all, we have lots to celebrate this year!
a. If you’re on the payment plan 1st half of rent is due upon occupancy! 2nd half due on Oct 15 (not at the end of the semester).
12) Feasibility of using Alpine Valley as an income stream discussed, and will be looked into.
13) Pokes, Bear, and Milton will be looking into different auctions to obtain furniture for the house
a. Pokes and Bear will be attending the on campus auction held the 3rd weekend of each month.
b. Pokes and Milton to visit UW Swap Shop in Madison.
14) Joe is looking into the cost/benefit of running an ad in the Royal Purple.  If you would like to donate to this cause please contact him at 262-327-2167.
15) Eric to Remain as Chapter Advisor.  Thank you and congratulations, we appreciate  your service!

Housing Corps (abbrv.)
1)  A fine of $250.00 will be applied to the account of anyone who breaks the door jamb of a room by kicking it open.

Motion to Adjourn, seconded, 7:35

Humbly Prepared by…


C.J. Kactro
LI – 892
AAB Secretary

UWWLCA on Twitter

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

In an effort to keep UW-Whitewater Lambda Chi alumni up to speed on things happening within our Fraternity and with our brothers, we are constantly searching for new ways to connect with you. Our most recent decision was to join one of the latest crazes in social networking, “Twitter.”

Not only is this free service a social-networking tool, but it is also a micro-blogging site. Users can publish short messages, called “tweets,” to update “followers” as to what is going on in their world. Followers (you) can alter your Twitter settings to send a text message directly to your cellphone whenever somebody sends you a message (@yourname) or somebody you’re following “tweets” new information.

For instance, if there is a Housing Corps meeting coming up, we here at will tweet that information on When you log in to your Twitter account, you will see that information on your home page. If you have your account set up to notify you of our tweets, you will also receive that message via text or e-mail.

Another example: Let’s say you and a group of alumni brothers want to get together for a beer in Madison. Tweet the details on your Twitter account with @uwwlca somewhere in that message. The information will be posted for everybody to see when they come to the UWWLCA Twitter page (as well as on their own accounts if they are following you).

The system is extremely versatile, customizable, addicting, and it’s FREE.

If you are a Twitter account holder, already, please follow us by going to It is a great central location for brothers to come together and keep up to speed on each other’s lives and the Fraternity itself.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me:

Job opportunities: XO Communications w/ Brother Forrest Knueppel

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

XO Communications

I promised Brother Forrest Knueppel that I would post this for him, about 2 months ago. Ack! Sorry Forrest.

Forrest is a Regional Manager for XO Communications. He is looking to hire some people to work for him in the Detroit area. Even if you don’t live in Detroit, you should give Forrest a call and find out what opportunities he has available. I know that both Brothers Robert Bye and Dan Gratton work for Forrest and have become quite successful in the Chicago market. Forrest asks that you call him direct for the real scoop.

Forrest Knueppel LI-727
VP / General Manager – Detroit
XO Communications

UW-Whitewater Lambda Chis LinkedIn

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

LinkedInSocial-networking websites are all the rage, nowadays. The two front-runners on the social-networking scene, MySpace and Facebook, feature an open, fun, and rather sophomoric approach to networking. Emerging through the online networking ranks, however, is a website called “LinkedIn” — and it’s strictly business.

LinkedIn allows you to post your career profile, network with other players in your field, keep tabs on colleagues and former employees, find jobs, find employees, and catch up with those whom you used to go to school with and/or work with.

As business in America becomes more and more of a who-you-know-not-what-you-know venture, utilizing all of the networking tools at your disposal is vital to your success. If you’re already LinkedIn, I urge you to post your LinkedIn profile link in the comment section, below. If you’re not linked in, I highly recommend that you set up your completely free profile today and link with as many brothers and former college acquaintances as you can.

My LinkedIn profile: Michael “Fuzz” Martin (LI-819)